Sylph Pattern
Do you know if there are any patterns for a god tier sylph dress, mostly it’s the top part I’m interested in.

So, I’m going to go over the entire outfit (if a little sparsely, but the information should be clear). Based on this tenuous reference:


and the sylph outfit’s apparent similarity to the Dolorosa’s.

So, let’s start with the hood. Start with these pattern pieces:


Note: by “distance around head,” I mean start measuring at the bottom of your neck and go over the top of your head (like a vertical circle, I guess).

Cut one of piece 1 and two of piece 2. Fold the long sides of each piece of part 2 in slightly and sew them close to the edge (i.e., finish the edges). Do the same for the rounded edge of piece 1.

Sew the pieces together as follows (wrong sides shown in grey, right sides in white):




Flip the hood inside-out and attach a fastener (like a button or hook and eye) to the corners of piece 1 (where the rounded open part of the hood goes attaches to piece 2 on each end). If you need horn holes, refer to this tutorial. Press your seams and you’re done!

Now, for the dress. For this, I would use a variation of this tutorial for Rose’s god tier outfit with the following variations:


  • Instead of having a slit in the side, fully sew the side seams and make a symmetrical triangular cut up the front of the outfit (top point centered at about upper thigh-level, side points at the bottom of the seams between the front and back pieces) and finish those edges.
  • Don’t include sleeves, finish the armholes as they are.

For the (orange in this case) underskirt, I would use a similar method as in this Dolorosa tutorial, using either this pattern or the one outlined in the tutorial (it doesn’t have to be floor length—since the bottom of the outfit hasn’t really been revealed, you can choose this length).

I am unsure of how to add this into the pattern as I don’t really understand it as I didn’t make it and the person who did has now left, but here’s a comment from someone who has made the hood.

We can always re-make this pattern if need be.

I tried the sylph hood, but it didn’t at all work out how I would have liked, the unclean edges, the light weight everything, the hood not being made in a way convenient to add buttons to, everything. On top of that, a clasp or button to close it looks pretty bad, I would have attempted to make it go on and be fabric all the way around, rather than have the front parts be too close together, or unable to close well. I was overall dissatisfied.


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