Do you have tips on how to make the button flaps/holes for horns for the God-Tier troll hoods?

This awesome lady made a GT Vriska tutorial and near the end it shows how she did it. though i do recommend making the seams look nice either way because chances are it will be shown in a photo and it will not look very good so make the hole smaller that the horn:

 like this really crappy paint I am not even going to call that a drawing.   okay so you need the hole to be the size of the size of the red. so you cut it out the size of the black, cutting piece to the size of the red with snips from there fold them back and sew them. it will look a bit neater and finished than what she did. other than that you can add a piece of fabric as a decoration or actually make it movable if that’s more your style. a needed decoration  and add a button to look like a flap or be a flap. that’s about it. the Tutorial will explain it better. 

[I tagged this with Karkat, I am not sure if her would have holes as we have never seen his GT with the hood up but being a troll I am going to leave it with the quess he would, but those nubby horns :s]

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