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I am doing a fitted top on a fancy tier Witch of Space, and was looking for some advice for the best way to get the symbol on the bust? I am busty and have had problems with stretch fabric warping HS logos, so I am doing non-stretch this time, but I worry that the funky fitted shape will make transfer paper tricky. I do have a properly sized mannequin, if that would help?

You could try cutting out the shape and sewing it on, though that could look messy depending on the fabric’s tendency to unravel… Though, with fancy tier, you can get away with hand-stitching around the outside with a colour that matches near perfectly or a dark contrast. This’ll look best, though it’ll take a bit more time.
Have a good time!! -Laura

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Hi anon from before, and i realized that after i sent it. So im 5 feet tall and im pretty sure my measurements are 36-26-35 (in inches) Thank you so much ^.^

Okay!! You’re basically my size give or take a few inches so I’ll use myself as a reference.

It comes down to how tight and long you want it, but for the main part of the shirt you’ll need about a yard of fabric, you’re hipspan will be fine with this because the shirt’s design doesn’t actually use your full hip anyways, haha.

My arm’s about 17” long and about 9” around so once again you’ll need about— 17 by 18 so basically 1/2 a yard for the sleeves.

Hm, for hoods I usually recommend about a yard so you have some leeway with the amount of fabric.
Gloves won’t need much, for me each glove will need to be 6” by 6” so 12” by 12” in the end.

I don’t remember this pattern very well, but I remember there was a collar— ah yes collar. you’ll need about 1/2 a yard for the collar itself i expect, because of the layering ect.

I didn’t account for any linings as the shirt should be stretchy/t-shirt and you don’t usually line a t-shirt, as for the hood, depending on your fabric you might wanna line it to give it a bit of— oomfh. It’ll help the fabric hold its own a bit better and look more professional, though if you don’t know how don’t stress over it.

1 1/2 yards for shirt including sleeves
scrap for gloves, 1/3 of a yard.
1/2 yard collar
basically double the fabric of anything you wanna line.

Have a good day!! -Laura

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Any fabric/sewing patterns for knight of spce? (Or just knight, or just space?)

hood tutorial: http://duck-tape99.deviantart.com/art/Dave-Strider-God-Tier-Hood-Tutorial-276479081

for the shirt i would use a grey shirt and use black ink transfer paper to make the logo and a pair of regular black jeans. for the pattern just make it to fit you.

if you need anymore help just ask! -Joxxy

Hi! Do you have any tutorials for making Vriska's robot arm?

tutorial: http://amethyst-angel.com/armormaking_automail2.html

pattern: http://www.amethyst-angel.com/automailpattern/

If you need anymore help just ask! -Joxxy

do you have tutorials for god tiear johns hood/entire outfit?

Here is a link to johns hood.   http://homestuckpatternreference.tumblr.com/post/31178612359/heir-hood

For his outfit i would use a pair of bright blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. I would use an ink transfer paper.


If you need anymore help just ask! -Joxxy


Terrible sewing tips:
when in doubt just staple it
yeah get out your stapler and just staple the fucking fabric together you piece of shit
staple it like a motherfucker

How To Cast & Mold Armor