Plush Making (Patterning) Advice 2.0



I get asked this a lot so here is a re-post!  Under a cut cause it is long.

Also here is a master post on fabric I use for plushies!  (From how they sew, stretch, where to get them, and where I use them when).

I give a lot of advice here on how to do things based on my experiences, but the only way to get good at making plush is to DO IT!  You gotta try, fail, experiment, try again, fail better.  And while I only talk about general construction here, a lot of a quality looking plush besides design is quality materials (and getting used to how to sew them!) and sewing neatly by hand / machine.

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Hi so Im really glad for the roxy god tier post cause there are very few and I was wondering how much fabric I would need in total to do the god tier roxy? Like how many yards should I buy for the main outft, hood, etc

Hey, I really need your measurements for this in order to give you a proper estimate, love. 







How to make your own dress form


Don’t forget that the shirt you are using will get stuck inside it, so use a shirt you don’t want anymore. Also, do this while wearing your most confortable/used bra/bra you will be wearing when you actually wear your cosplay

I also recommend getting some spray foam (commonly found at Home Depot) and putting some of that inside it as well. Stuffing alone will deflate after a few days and your dress form will crumple, especially at the waist.

But otherwise, this is an awesome way to make yourself an accurate dress form and save yourself a ton of money!

Im just going to reblog this for all my cosplaying friends because this is super cool!

mmhmmm.  Good for patterning armor, especially.


So ruffles! They’re really simple and basic, but the way I learned to make them is so exhausting. What way is that? Well stitching with the longest stitch setting on my machine and pulling at the bottom thread to gather the fabric and pray the thread doesn’t break. But working in the costume shop has taught me a great and painless way to gather fabric for ruffles and I just have to share the revelation. 

So supplies you’ll need:

  • Machine obviously
  • Thread color of your fabric
  • Your fabric

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schlittenhund replied to your post “excuse me, but the link to for the post about sewing a Becquerel plush doesn’t seem to work for me? It just redirects me to another website”

It’s a side blog of hers, haha. She’s edited it at the moment, it’ll be up again soon. Sorry about that!!! -Laura
excuse me, but the link to for the post about sewing a Becquerel plush doesn't seem to work for me? It just redirects me to another website

I sent a link to the owner of the blog about that, thank you for telling me!!

Sorry for not being clear enough last time :/ I was wondering about a pattern for a Becquerel plushie, to go with a Jade cosplay I'll do soon ^^'



Wow! I’ve never actually made a plushie or I could be more help…

But, I found this post:

You could probably edit it and use it that way?
Sorry I couldn’t help more :c
If I get into plushies I’ll add this to my list of things to make!

Joxxy’s edit: When making a plushie use a fabric that won’t get little lint balls on it to keep it nice. I have used felt and fleece before and for both experiences felt would make little lint balls, the fleece was better. Also get a non clumping stuffing. If it clumps too much the shape of the plushie will change. DO NOT OVER STUFF, if you over stuff the seams will be able to show through the fabric. Unless you want to, like with a bec plushie if you did green thread it would be OK because of his green outline. If you have any more questions about plushies just ask! -Joxxy

Hey, I want to make my friend and bunny like johns, do you have a good pattern or know where I can find one??? :D

this blog is private or I’d source it properly, but this is a basically pattern for a bunny like John’s, though you might want to make the arms a bit bigger, haha. 

A bit of background first though, the version Dave originally gave John is not knitted, it’s just gross looking. The version Rose gives John is the patched up KNITTED version of the bunny. And, finally, Jade’s version of the bunny is the KNITTED ROBOT bunny. Yeah.


As someone who has seen fabric painted with acrylic paint let me point out that while it may be alright at first (it generally looks stiff and gross but whatever if you made it look alright then good for you) the color will eventually, after washing, get a washed out look and it will look white/gray-ish. Honestly most good quality acrylic paints I see are more expensive than fabric paint anyway?

Okay, we’ve been getting a lot of back and forth with this lately, so I’ll just add my input for once. 

Most of the paint you use for fabric, regardless if it’s meant for it, doesn’t work all that well. I’ve seen my friends use acrylic paint for a shirt before, and as long as you don’t use it very often and are VERY careful about painting it, do a couple of layers, you’re good! Though, like the asker said, it does look stiff, and just overall, really cheap. 

Also, fabric paint. I used it to make my sburb shirt, and I only used one layer. I’m thinking it was also an issue because of the way the fabric stretched, but it really taught me to always layer my paint, no matter what. You buy a whole bottle of it, don’t be afraid to use it.