What goes into styling a wig? In general, not much: creativity, a little bit of elbow grease, blood, sweat, tears… and the right tools. The arsenal of a cosplayer who has wigs as their calling may seem a bit daunting at first glance, but in actuality it is…


Noiz’s studs bracelet tutorial !

i received a lots of compliments about how i made mine so i thought it could be nice to share how i made them !

 it’s my first time making one of those thing and … im really bad at explaination so … =S 

=P enjoy guys ! 

Oh, I'm the anon who asked about a Jade cosplay (14, never cosplayed) and Just want to say that I will be needing a wig as well! Also, I wear glasses so I don't know what to do about Jade's glasses! I can't wear contacts yet :(

A wig should be fairly easy to find. Just do a google search for black long wig and you should find what you want. Have you heard of They have cheap glasses in a bunch of styles. You can get them in plain plastic or prescription lenses. Good luck!
-Mod Krila


because i am SO SICK of seeing drawings and cosplays with this


this is not how freckles look and it just makes the whole character fall apart


now i could sit you down and tell you all the science behind freckles but thats boring. the point is, anybody can have…


There’s only a million of these out there, but none that I have found were consolidated into one post, were too vague, were overly complex, etc., etc., etc. I’ve made my own post of colors of import.

I’ve probably missed stuff. Send me an ask if I have, or if something is horribly wrong. I want this to be as accurate and updated as possible. Hopefully someone finds this helpful. ^^


Character sheets, featuring designs both simplified and detailed. :V

Drawing his cloak is super fun for some reason.  Are there hornholes? probably not.

i am making a rogue dress and i have larger breasts, what fabric would you suggest i use so that it does not bunch or stretch oddly?

titty problems

I’ve heard Jersey won’t do that as much, though the biggest issue would be the darn symbol… does anyone have any titty advice i dont have no titty

Oh!! His pants look like track pants, so honestly [here]
and as for the tube thing, i didnt explain it very well because I wasn’t entirely sure myself. Though, I’ve aged a lot since then, so here’s take two of that.
here you go!

Oh!! His pants look like track pants, so honestly [here]

and as for the tube thing, i didnt explain it very well because I wasn’t entirely sure myself. Though, I’ve aged a lot since then, so here’s take two of that.


here you go!




attention assbags

correction attention everyone who fucking uses snazaroo do yourself a favor and throw that shit in the trash it is for kids for a fucking reason (i mean unless you like having your make up all over your shit SHRUG) snazaroo IS NOT INTENDED to be worn extensively. and is not intended to cover large areas.

we’ve tried ben nye color pots, snazaroo and a mix of ben nye and snazaroo (plus powder sealer and liquid final seal) but nothing works like kyrolan’s aquacolor. we got a huge pot of it (i think it cost $14) and it will last forever. we got ben nye’s liquiset ($7 i think) to go with it (it is a mixer and sealer) so technically you don’t need to seal this stuff. we bought a kryolan applicator as well (DON’T USE MAKE UP WEDGES) but if you don’t want to buy one of those you can buy those craft sponges at the store for like a dollar. it’s the same thing. you do not need water to apply this, just the liquiset. DO NOT PUT VERY MUCH ON THE SPONGE. you have to get the paint and set to a nice medium to get it to go on nicely. you can blot or smudge.

just wash your face first ok

it literally took me maybe fifteen minutes to put on my make up last night (face/neck/arms) and it went on very nicely. since it is mainly glycerin it did make me sweat a bit but any body paint will do that. i had no trouble with it rubbing off on any thing (unless you are being stupid and pressing against something) and it came off well. it pills up and peels off and doesn’t leave a gross post-paint feeling.


if you’re thinking this seems expensive well it’s honestly not and is a small price to pay for not being the fuckpod at the con getting their goddamn paint on everything. i rest my case.

this is the stuff i have bookmarked for ember and flame princess

The equivalent by Mehron is also wonderful!! C:

how i can make john's god tier hoodie?

i don’t mean to be rude, but this is probaby one of the things we have the most posts on already. please go and check the tags.